"I have recommended Alex to all my friends and family after the spectacular job she did, not only of the actual pictures, but the whole experience of working with Alex to get our wedding photos.

A couple of days before the big day she asked if she could join us at the reception venue to investigate potential locations for photos.

On the actual day after a few of the standard shots she then took us off to a beautiful field where she took some of the best pictures of the whole day, it was really special as only me and Dave were there and these pictures really captured our happiness as well as the beautiful rural place we had chosen for our reception.

I found Alex to be extremely organised and accommodating.  She was also very friendly and got the best out of even our grumpiest guests!

A fabulous experience all round and after the day many friends and family commented on how professional and quick she was – it was 30 degrees on the day we married and no one wanted to stand around for hours in the heat."



"Alex was truly a ‘Godsend’ of a photographer at our wedding.

Thanks to her kind, enthusiastic and incredibly focused nature, we have some of the most amazing photos of our wedding day in the most romantic rainy woodland setting. The weather having turned our plans upside down, Alex quickly worked out that there were not going to be any plan or schedule at this wedding.

And having been drenched in rain herself she refused to take any of this as a negative.

Alex quickly set out to initiate the most amazing set of photos using just the few things at her disposal. She engaged our guests to take part in the self initiated photo shoot, with the beautiful backdrop of the rainy woodland, light heated poses and props.

I believe the quality of Alex’s work is evident in our wedding photos but the circumstances in which she manages to achieve such good quality, isn’t.

That what makes her a great photographer.

Thank you Alex

Love Laura & Omid"


“Alexandria's beautiful photography captured our wedding in moments of tenderness, warmth, and joy.

Alexandria's best assets during our special day were her passion, creativity and her brilliant personality. Only an experienced professional photographer, with the full on Lebanese and Greek traditions happening all at once, could capture those moments as spectacularly as she did.

We had the best day of our lives and it was all thanks to Alexandria's amazing photography which showcased our outfits, accessories, studio shots and traditions, in documentary style images with a twist of artistic class. 

Alexandria set up a mini studio shoot on the day in our evening reception so all our family and guests could have pics taken which she would then upload on her website for them to keep as memory. Also we had a church garden shoot after we officially became husband and wife (Mr and Mrs shots!) which were some of our most favourite, beautiful and intimate photographs of the day.

Alexandria's love and enthusiasm for the her job and her personality shone through in our photographs and on the day. I was searching through so many photographers and couldn't find any which would capture our photos in a way that reflected mine and my wife's personalities. my then-fiance said to me 'scrap the others, I want Alexandria to do our wedding'.


Our wedding day could not have been any more beautiful than it turned out to be which was so stunningly captured in these images and that was all thanks to the Alexandria who by far will give any other photographer a run for there money, with her prices, passion and love for what she truly takes pride in. We would very much recommend Alexandra hall wedding photography for your special day. You will not be disappointed.


My wife and I thank you dearly for making us re-live our beautiful wedding day through your amazing pictures we can now keep and cherish for a life time”.


Love Abz and Sophia x

“Alex was an absolute pleasure to work with… in the mill of a busy wedding day she was calm and professional throughout. Alex slipped into the background of our busy wedding preparations and day itself and managed to capture the mood beautifully. Her attitude and direction was spot on and we whipped through the family photos with ease, as everyone was keen to carry on with the party!

Alex’s style and portrayal of our guests was lovely and now we have a beautiful record of the day and everyone there.


Alex was very organised and efficient and her warm and friendly character lends itself perfectly to any special occasion”.


Melanie and Alex

Alex is hands down the best photographer you could hope to find!

She just knew immediately what we wanted and delivered above and beyond.

Alex is both fantastically creative and imaginative and took the time to scout out possible locations at the venue before our wedding. She suggested ideas of her own, knowing what would suit our personalities and the location, but she also has this amazing free flowing, organic style of documenting the day, which captures all of the love and fun. 

At no point did we feel awkward or embarrassed and she managed to gently shepherd people into place so quickly and efficiently that they hardly realised that they'd just been part of a beautiful picture. 

Alex was always professional and polite, but she's also so genuinely warm, friendly and vibrant that everyone raved about her afterwards.

The pictures are absolutely stunning! We are so so pleased with them that we have been and will continue to recommend Alex whole heartedly to absolutely everyone.

Can't thank her enough!


Love Em & James xx