The Bespoke story wedding book:


Each wedding photography book is personally designed by myself and unique to every single client and hand made, with premium quality printed images that are hand bound and woven, personalised covers or beautiful buckram finishing, this is a great way to remember your special day, each book can be tailored to you with vast options of personalisation available, whether it be the elegance wooden boards or the standard personalised picture book, you will cherish your bespoke books for generations to come. Each book consists of a standard 21 pages (42 sides) but more pages can be added for a small additional cost if required, below are just a few of the options available.


Elegance book: 406x292mm - £650 - £1,000

This luxurious book has beveled wooden boards with a pearl buckram wrapped cover (also available in 30 other colours but this is the most preferred) 250gms satin paper with various extra option like matching fish tail page divider, personalised embossing with your name or logo on the front in either blind, silver or gold ink and matching slip case or presentation box.



Mini Elegance book: 255x355mm - £550 - £780 

This is a smaller version of the Elegance but in no way smaller in quality or standard. The Elegance range is gorgeous and I would be happy to show you on consultation so you can see for yourself. 



Large Picture cover book: 255x355mm - £410 - £480

A fantastic value bespoke wedding book using 200g satin paper with options such as a picture hardcover, or black or white wrapped linen buckram and a personalised dust jacket. This book also comes complete with matching linen box and satin fishtail page divider (See an example of the large picture cover book below with the parent books).


Large Picture cover book and 2 Parent books: 255x355mm and 145x200mm (x2) - £465

This is a fantastic option for those wishing to share their wedding photos with either friends or family and keep one for themselves. This package includes a large picture cover book in white linen buckram and personalised dust jacket, and comes complete with matching linen box, satin fishtail ribbon and two exact parent book replicas.


Additional Family or friend wedding books: 145x200mm £65

All parents and friends want something to remember their loved ones special day, and what better way to achieve it than with a miniature version of your bespoke wedding book. The book is an exact miniature replica of your wedding book then printed on 200gsm satin paper with a personalised cover and matching dust jackets. ( This is only available when you buy a bespoke wedding book and can only be ordered at the same time of purchase ). 


Additional leaves are available at £20 for 2 (4 sides) should you require multiples of any of the main books or additional parent or family books there would be further savings.