My First Exhibition with 'Brides The Show'

I can’t believe how quickly this weekend went, i'd been preparing for the Wedding show with Brides for almost a year and now its been and gone all ready! What an absolute blast it was too, i'm yet to hear the exact figures, but I hear a whopping 6k 'Bride & Grooms' to be past through the doors at the Business Design centre, All looking for Luxury inspiration for their wedding day.  

The whole lead up has been a whirlwind of fun to plan,  everything from the ‘meet and greet’ drinks reception hosted by The Brides magazine at the prestigious  No 1 Marylebone to meeting the other high profile brands that were also involved in the Wedding show,  I felt extremely privileged to be one of the Wedding Photographers selected to exhibit at the show this year, it was a real privilege .


One of the hardest 'to do's I had to complete, which ended up being the longest and toughest process, was to select my favourite Wedding photo's for the stand. It couldn't just be any, it had to be ones that worked together not only as individual images but also as a group when displayed side by side. It was a really hard choice, as I wanted my stand to  convey all the aspects of my Wedding Photography, I felt it needed to show my reportage style but  also to express the influence of my fashion Photography. I resorted to printing out all my favourites and individually seeing what they looked like side by side on my studio wall, I even asked some of my Facebook friends their thoughts on the ones I'd narrowed it down to, (thank you - you lovelies) 

This is what we chose in the end.. What do you think?, i hope you like them.The final selection was printed on beautiful Giclee fine art paper, its texture is much like that of water colour paper but with an incredible print finish (thank you DigiLab London!!). Then the prints were mounted with conservation white mount card and a charcoal grey 'Hockey stick' thin wood to finish the frame. Avtar from Pictorium Gallery in Walthamstow is such a talented framers.

Some of the ones  i did not select to be mounted on the wall I just had to have on display, so I made into postcards, I cant recommend more highly the lovely Joanna from Sentio-PM, who not only managed to print them so quickly because I left the deciding to the last minute, but had them produced on gorgeous thick card with the image cropped right to the edge (not very easy I hear) Sentio even managed to produce my data card's and competition cards for the show too! The stand has had a little revamp since my last show, growing a little deeper to allow for extra Wedding Photography to be hung, and a lovely letterbox for client data cards and raffles too be posted into, it looked really amazing ! I was so happy with the end Result. 

One of the most exciting parts of the planning was deciding the design layout of the USB sticks or at least the holder for it. Over the years in my career, I had noticed that since photography had turned digital, very few people had their images stored on a hard copy, or printed into albums and cherished on the book shelf for a rainy day to look over. If a hard copy was made, it would usually be a CD or USB stick, and 99% of the time it would be thrown in a draw somewhere strait after uploading onto a computer, Sometimes getting lost or misplaced which almost devalued the images. Nothing out there made the hard copy feel of value, despite the images being one of the most special days of someones life.

Luckily for me, my partner Edd is a designer and all round problem solver, so when I approached him about the idea of storing the images on something that could revalue the images again, Like the old photo albums, refraining it from being put in draws, he started sketching some ideas..

Heres the end result.. how beautiful does the Walnut and Copper look together? (copper to match my copper top head hahah) Do you think this will help revalue the digital hard copy of photography for my clients? I hope it will, and I hope this will sit on the little bookshelf.


So much love and care had gone into designing and making this beautiful USB stick holder, that an extra fun bit was left for planning - The box to present it in! This for me was so exciting, I love stationary and choosing the colours. Below is an example of one of my first initial ideas for the box but thats not what I settled for, infact I chose something completely different..


What do you think of the end result.. and yes, thats a wax seal with my logo in it. This was so much fun to do and really helps give that bespoke luxury finish. Thank you James from Yardley Bespoke for making this possible for me. It was his skills that made the seal, and the copper parts to the USB holder.


Just for fun, and because I love any excuse to use my digital polaroid, I ran a competition at the show for a half price wedding and a free engagement photo shoot! It seemed to be very popular with over 70 entries and was a lot of fun to do, I cant wait  for my Brides the show review and announcement of the the winners on my blog this weekend!! Look at all these gorgeous Bride and grooms to be!


I cant wait to exhibit with Brides the Show next year, it was so much fun, Edd  and I met some wonderful people at the show and incredibly talented wedding suppliers, I will be adding them into my blog this weekend when I announce the winners!

Thanks for stopping by,


Big hugs,

Alexandria xx