Pre Wedding Photo shoot


This kind of photography is the perfect opportunity for you to have a little extra fun for the celebration of your choice to tie the knot.

The wedding day is all about the celebration of your marriage to one another and experiencing this with your loved ones surrounding you, on some occasion, there’s little time to record this photographically how you may have envisioned. This is where a pre wedding photo shoot comes into play.


There’s no rules to this, it can be photographed pre or post to the wedding day, and is an extra special day for you both to celebrate your love and create artistically - the wedding photo shoot of your dreams - with no interruptions.


Every photo shoot is completely bespoke and can be as fun, serious, magical, fashion styled or theatrical, as you like. Always dreamt of having a photograph of that destination he proposed to you? Maybe you love to dress up? or have always wanted to have a food fight? Then lets do it!

Each Pre wedding photo shoot will have a consultation where we can plan the day out perfectly. We will talk about everything from the mood; clothes, location and even themes. You will also have all your hair and makeup styled by a professional makeup artist / stylist to make you feel like a million dollars, and there’s even the option to rent some beautiful dresses.


What’s the difference between this and an engagement shoot? This is pre planned and with less sweat like on the real day, outfit changes and of course those favourite landmarks or scenic views with a little more time to soak it all in. An engagement shoot is more relaxed, low key and is great for those who are more interested in getting used to the camera and what to expect from on the day.

 If you're interested in doing something special like a pre shoot, then please don't hesitate to call me to get a quoet, or drop me an email at Prices start from £500


With hugs,


Alexandria xx




We felt so lucky working with Alex. While doing her job in an absolutely professional and serious way, she’s made the pre wedding Photo shoot so much fun for everyone. We enjoyed every single moment of our time with her, and, was very much impressed by the result. She puts so much effort not only during the shooting but also before it to explore the best locations, to work on the style, to understand your needs…  She was beyond our expectations. Thank you Alex!  We will be grateful to you for the rest of our lives that you turned our love to a magic!!