About Me


Every Photographer strives to find their unique style, I’d like to think mine is inspired by my interest in art, fashion photography and film Noir. Photography isn’t just a job to me its a lifestyle, which is why if i'm not shooting weddings, I’m here www.a-h.photography or studying photography so I can technically capture great photos the way I want in any situation, like dark intimate churches & grey winter days.

I studied photography at university and gained a Bachelor too so theres some stock in my compositions & methods. When I’m not taking pictures in some form, then i'm hopefully having a drink at the local with my puppy Alan and wonderful partner Edd, exploring this beautiful city of mine on long walks, exhibitions or putting together a new personal project and collaborating with creatives in the industry (so I guess that confirms I live and breathe photography).

How would you describe your style?

Wedding photography is my everything. For me, the art of telling a unique story and to produce a memorable record of that special day in every couple’s life is what drives and inspires me. Relaxed and discreet but always professional, I aim to do justice to all the love, time and care that you have put into your wedding preparations. I'm a visual story teller, I’m terrible with writing words, but capturing real honest moments photographically, relaying that story back to you in pictures.. now that I can do. This doesn’t mean awkward expressions or poses that you’ll never want to look back on (thats were the editing process is so important - you wouldn’t belive how many people blink, sneeze, look terrible crying at weddings) but that first look from the father of the bride.. Your partners  first look when you walk down the isle.. those real honest moments are what i'm talking about. 

I’m not about awkward posing and interrupting special moments, I like to just record the day as it unfolds capturing every moment in my own little way, trying to do justice to all the little efforts that are put into place to make that one day magical for two people. But especially to capture those that my couples choose to surround themselves with on thier day too. I would say that I like to record what I feel I would want recorded if it was my day, So I do take the time to get to know Uncle Bob and Aunty Gill and take their portraits too, but again, in a fun way. I record every wedding as if it was my own special wedding day, making sure that if it was me, I could look back on these photos and relive it as if it was yesterday. As a photographer there's nothing more special than knowing you were able to capture a moment that the bride and groom might have missed. 

What do you love about weddings?

Who wouldn't want a job that allows you to not only witness, but capture and freeze forever in time, the most special day of two persons life??!! Thats why I love my job, your recording history and capturing beautiful moments to look back over in years to come. Everyone of my clients are so unique, so I love seeing how different each wedding is and especially the speeches!!

What advice would you give to couples looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Find someone you click with, theres nothing worse than having someone there the whole day, whose by your side 99.9% of the time who you don't connect with, feel relaxed with, or wants to have fun and enjoy the day just as much as you. Some photographers should just stick to wild life, and if your interviewing a photographer who doesn't feel personable, no matter how good they are, think hard about weather you feel comfortable with this. for me 70% of wedding photography is personality, the rest is skill. Also, I have allot of clients who love my evening photography pictures, when people loosen up and have a laugh, see if your photographer offers this as so many go home after the cake cut.