One of the most Amazing days of my life.. When we collected little Alan!

One of the most Amazing days of my life.. When we collected little Alan!

About Me

Thats me on the right, looking ridiculously chuffed with my partner Edd, Because on this day we fulfilled A very long dream of owning a Dachshund, Thats Alan who's head looks huge in this picture, but still, its a precious moment captured of us three just before we popped on the boat back to the uk.. Yes Alan is from Hungry, and when we meet I'll tell you all about the adventures.

When im not doing something photography related, I'll most definiltely be exploring with these two somewhere in the out doors, or with a drink in hand in a pub that allows dogs! Like most creatives I love music, Art, films and food - every type and all kinds.

I wouldn't describe myself as someone who's into fancy things and expensive possessions, I just love nice things that bring the simple comforts in life, good food, drink and good company. I'd much rather spend my money in making memories with loved ones and these two. If you were to ask me my ten year plan, it would be to learn how to sail, get a yacht and explore the world with these two and my camera in Hand. So far i've learnt to sail, so i'm one step closer to the big dream. 

Which brings me to why I do photography, and especially weddings. 

I started my career with a degree, I actually wanted to be a fashion and portrait photographer and still to this day I fulfil that part of my love in photograpphy But when I finished my degree, like so many students, I had such little disposable income to my name, and those who were dear to me, I always wanted to give them something special, sentimental, different. Something that didn't have that "bought on a shelf" feeling for birthdays and special occasions.

So I used what I had available to me, I'd hand print pictures id taken, sometimes just of candid moments id caught in the past and put them into a small moun and hand them over in an envelope. The feeling it gave me when i'd see how happy these unique moments caught made those feel gave me a buzz. How could something so simple for me mean so much to them, and then It clicked. This was my view, my perspective, and so often tiny precious moments happen so fast, that we'd never get the chance to look back over it and remember it again, where as I had the power to do this. 

It progressed onto family portraits, friends, colleagues and then my first wedding, Also shot on film. The anticipation and excitement of handing over the prints to my clients was incredible, and thier reaction more so. Tiny fleeting moments caught, real emotion, exchanging vows, that first kiss as husband and wife..They were my first clients to cry but in a good way, and thats when I knew that I was hooked. I simple gift, but a moment captured in time. who wouldn't want to give this gift? A memory to pass down. I love that.